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The majority of my HR experience is recruiting. It is something that I do well and I know I do it well. It’s a huge responsibility in any organization to oversee recruiting. You’re hiring a member that will either contribute to the success and vision of your company or hinder it. A good recruiter will filter out the ones that will hinder it, but so often lately I keep hearing the same comment from recruiters “Unemployment is 8.3%, but 8.3% are not out looking for a job.” OK STOP! Let me address a few things quickly [I’ll try to keep my first few posts light] what are YOU[recruiter] doing different? Are you posting on the same ol job boards? Making the same ol phone calls to the same ol people and places? Why? If you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results… well you know the rest. Lets take responsibility for this lack of applicant flow or lack of skilled applicant flow [whichever your problem]. Lets collaborate and talk new ways of recruiting! Recruiting isn’t just sitting behind a desk and waiting on people to respond to your latest job posting on CareerBuilder, it’s getting out in the community, it’s marketing, it’s drawing people in, it’s digging up the talent that your organization needs.

What do I see happening: 1 of the things I do on a fairly regular basis is talk at local community sites that are helping people get back in the workforce (job networking clubs, community assistance programs, career centers, colleges, etc.) and I see a lot of people willing to work that don’t know how to look for work. We as employers initially shunned this group of people when they were laid off that chose to take some time to themselves and draw their unemployment. When they decided it was time to get back in the workforce we were willing to hire anyone and everyone, but those candidates that immediately went to “lay off lounge”.  This resulted in hurt feelings, bruised egos, lack of confidence & overall resistance to actively seeking employment which ultimately lessened your applicant flow. We are also dealing with a shift in the way we recruit- what came first? chicken? egg?- do we recruit the way we recruit now because that’s how people started looking for work? Or did we as recruiters start recruiting this way and forget to tell job applicants what they need to know to keep up? For instance- social recruiting… recruiters idea or job applicants idea? Either way its a step in the right direction (more on that later). We also must not forget that we are dealing with 4 different generations not only IN the workforce but looking for work so we have to hold ourselves[recruiters] accountable for attracting all 4 generations to our organizations and not rely on just one way of recruiting[social media<– doesnt target all 4 generations].

I’ll wrap this up by saying this- people are out there & looking for work, but they may not be looking for work exactly the way you want them to or your organization expects them to. We cannot fix a problem by relying on media facts and figures that are stretched from the real life daily grind we come in contact with. Recruiters this is your job so get out there and find those people (and leave me a comment on what you did different this time- I’d love to hear your creative recruiting ideas!).

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