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My friends always love to hear stories from the world of temps. I always laugh when they want to hear stories because it’s just my day-to-day. Another one of my HR buddies has some pretty good stories too and we constantly try to top each other… I’ll admit her S.W.A.T. team story is pretty good. So here is a recent one…

Scenario: Group of people getting drug screened for an assignment that starts that same day. One guy informs my staff employee “I’m not sure I can pass…” to which she replies “then don’t take it.” He keeps saying something to her and I can’t quite hear it so I decide to get up and see what the fuss is about. This particular staff member has only worked for us for a few months and my first instinct is what I refer to as “Mamma bear mode”. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t trying to pressure her into doing something we don’t do or making her uncomfortable. I explain to him that the paperwork he signed for the drug screen clearly states that he should not take the drug screen if he is not sure he is going to pass. He looks at me like I have lost my ever-loving mind! He asks why I would think he couldn’t pass a drug screen and I told him because I just heard him say that! I walk away thinking that I’ve made myself very clear and he starts mumbling. I turn around and ask what he said and he starts yelling about how no one was talking to me and so on and so forth. I then explain to him that not only are we not interested in employing him because he has shared with us that he cannot pass a drug screen but his attitude isn’t one we are looking for in an employee and he should go ahead and leave. This is where things get interesting because he is clearly baffled that those are 2 qualities we don’t want in an employee. *Now here is an example of what some people consider “temp agencies” to be… He thought that he could behave however he wanted and we would still hire him; that we are there to HELP everyone. Trust me, we are not! We offer a service to our customers (the job sites) to hire qualified employees to fill their positions and obviously everyone will not fall under those guidelines! So the story ends this way: The guy is so pissed that he’s slamming stuff around our office. I tell him I will have someone escort him out if he doesn’t leave and he says “WHO GONNA ESCORT ME OUT” ummm the police! Which is what I told him and he expressed that he “doesn’t give an “f” about the police!” Well, he may not, but they wasted no time arresting him and making sure he was aware he wasn’t allowed on our property again…

Most of our stories are NOWHERE near this extreme. We hardly get an angry person in the office and in no way did I think anyone in the office was in danger. This guy was seriously trying to act like he was some big guy that was above the rules and apparently above the police, but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

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