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I occasionally run, but more often I jog & I surprised myself with an incredible time on my miles per minute and thought “Why can’t I do that more often?” Well today (on the treadmill) it hit me… I ran with a purpose that day. I had a lot of things on my mind to sort out & the treadmill is my favorite place to do that! To be frank they were things that had me all kinds of pissed off so I was running to get over them and that is why my time was so great. But, don’t I always run with a purpose? I like to run, it’s good for me to run isn’t that purpose enough?



What about work? Do you go to work with a purpose everyday? Is your purpose more than a paycheck? Is your purpose more than showing up and checking off your to-do list? Do you work harder when it’s close to review/raise time? Do you come to work to do the same thing you did yesterday or do you come to work to do more than you did yesterday? When you have a routine it’s easy to forget your purpose and just go through the motions. I’m lucky enough to have a job where a new challenge pops up almost daily and if nothing else I get to interact with a different group of people on a daily basis, but that  won’t ensure that we are working with a purpose, I think that has to come from within.



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