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Staffing Firms & Culture Recruiting: They CAN go together!

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Recruiting is an ever-changing role for any successful organization… Recruiters are tasked with finding/thinking of new ways to attract top talent for the right $ all the time. Depending on the industry you could have some fierce competitors, are you up for that? Do you know how your competition is recruiting? Are you watching them for ideas OR are they watching you for ideas? I try to work by the philosophy “Don’t fear the competition, be the competition” and have been successful in that for the most part.

The Industry I Know:skeptical baby

What I see time and time again in the staffing industry is “blind ads” or “we can’t give you the name of the customer, because they don’t want people contacting them”… sure, uh huh, yeah right… What does that translate to? Most of the time that translates to: “We are afraid we aren’t doing a good enough job servicing this account to be open with you about who we are recruiting for & it’s possible you could apply directly through them or you can apply through one of our competitors. Not only are we afraid we aren’t doing a good job or that we are overcharging for our attempts at hiring for them we are not willing to start working harder at what we do.” Give or take a few lines this is USUALLY what is happening (I say usually because you do get that customer occasionally that specify do not tell them it is for our company or something along those lines & then there is the possibility that they think you’re from a competing firm fishing for information [and if you are, shame on you]). When you’re doing this, you can’t hire for a culture fit and lets face it culture fit is on its way to being more important than a skill fit these days. I think that’s wonderful and I think we will continue to see a fantastic ROI on culture focused recruiting, but are you having your staffing firm recruit for your culture? *Don’t wait until a hire is on your job site working their “probationary period” to decide if they are a culture fit, you can find out sooner if your firm is focused on this vital need.

Here’s how you can tell:
-Have they been to your job site to meet with anyone besides you or the rest of the HR team?
-Have they gone to your website? Do you know if they know your mission and vision statement? [go ahead and ask them]
-Have they sat down one on one with supervisors to find out what is important to them?
-Have they taken the time to get a feel for the staff that’s already working there? Particularly the long termers…?


These are just a start, but they are absolutes that you can expect from your staffing firm and no, not for an extra fee. Staffing firms everywhere just set fire to this blog post I’m sure, but as long as you’re paying more than a 30% mark-up then my mind doesn’t justify raising the bill for this. Everyone wins when your staffing firm recruits correctly: less turn-over + higher quality = less chaos for the recruiters and your HR staff! At some point I had a lightbulb come on and started being open with candidates about what job sites I was considering them for and this helped us weed out several candidates that decided they were not a fit- ON THEIR OWN! I started encouraging candidates to go to the company’s websites and take a look around and get back to me if it raised questions for them, good or bad; or maybe the company Facebook or twitter, etc. This opens the door to make a match from both ends and add value to the on-site interview because they have had a chance to prepare questions specific to the job site, not to the staffing firm. If staffing firms can recruit for you the way YOU can recruit for you then it totally makes sense to outsource this function #expectmore…

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