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I have a friend that believes strongly in the idea of the screw you fund. She once had a professor advise her and her classmates that it was important to their adult life to obtain such a fund for that day that you say, well you know, and quit your job. I always cringed at this story when she would tell it. It went against every logical piece of information I believed and worshipped as a recruiter, you never EVER quit a job without a back up job. Without a plan. Without at least an updated resume. Until you do. Then suddenly this magical “F YOU FUND” would solve all your problems. Real life has made me realize that sometimes you have to let go of a job before you can find another job. It’s a risk and it’s not appealing on a resume, but if you have a job that’s eating up all of your waking minutes then it’s not realistic to think that you can find a job before you leave your job. And no matter what shape the economy is in you never can be certain how long it will take you to land your next gig. What happens if you find yourself in a jobless scenario without a back up job or an F YOU FUND…? Sometimes you wait tables or bartend. Sometimes you do work you never thought you were going to do again. Sometimes you eat your words. So maybe I’ve found myself as a supporter of the f you fund… get you one!

Dave Ramsey always talks about our generation and how we are so quick to think that we need to start our adult life with everything our parents have: a nice house, nice cars, all the furniture and home decor, etc. when in reality our parents accumulated things over years and saved and worked hard and purchased things as life progressed. So don’t feel like you have to decorate your first house from top to bottom when you land a nice job, instead start an f you fund. You honestly never know when you are going to need it-worst case scenario, you never use it.

On the other side of that, I have once had a job where we all came in and were told that “today is our last day” as in they were closing the doors to the business at the end of that shift and that was it. If you already have your f you fund in place then you don’t have a huge need to panic (yes I realize that you should be eligible to draw unemployment in this scenario, but seriously, who can live off of just unemployment?). There are multiple scenarios where an f you fund is logical. My recommendation as a recruiter is to avoid leaving a job without having one if possible, but if you’re going to leave  without one have a solid case for it and have your f you fund.

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