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Out Sick #truestorytuesday

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I have too many short funnies to keep to myself so for a while I will be sharing a series that we will call #TrueStoryTuesday, for your Tuesday amusement of course. These stories are just a random collection of real things – or at least things that have really been told to me or my team – over my time in HR. By the way if you have one you think is worth sharing, but need it to be anonymous feel free to email it to me 🙂

Of course the names have been changed to protect the innocent … and the guilty!

Billy Bob: Hey Jim Bob we missed you-you feeling better?

Jim Bob: Hey Billy Bob-all better now. Those dadgum squirrels I was telling you about in my attic? I took care of em-poison traps.

Billy Bob: Yeah?

Jim Bob: Yep! Then I cleaned me some squirrel and cooked it up real nice.

Billy Bob: The squirrels you poisoned?

Jim Bob: Yeah. Meat was real tasty, but that wasn’t such a good idea though… Doc says I basically poisoned myself since I ate them squirrels I poisoned.

nooooooooooo squirrel#scoutshonor that’s a real excuse that someone gave for being out sick: “Ate squirrels after poisoned said squirrels in own house”

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