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turkeysirI don’t work for a company that gives everyone a turkey for Thanksgiving. In fact, I never have. My MIL, FIL and BIL all do so they end up with 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving. While this is a nice gesture from the boss man am I the only one that thinks it’s a little dated? I can just see the scene here: Husband brings home turkey from boss. Now wife has to cook “gift”. Wasn’t it sort of a gesture to the ladies “sorry I keep your husband at work more than I let him go home… have this turkey?” Maybe I’m making this up, but I’ve always felt its very “Mad Men-like” to give a turkey to your employees. I’m sure most employees appreciate it, this is just my outside looking in opinion. I will say this though, my homie Michelle works for a company that is not only giving them a turkey today-they are going to fry it for their employees today! I can dig that, a gift that I don’t have to make when I get home.

Keep in mind, I don’t cook a Thanksgiving meal either (we like to hit up Cracker Barrel and a hockey game for our TDay festivities) so my opinion maybe somewhat tainted. If I were going to cook one, I would acquire my turkey well in advance though. Either way- you all have a great Thanksgiving! Google, Google, Google

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