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This ain’t your Grandma’s Easter..

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Easter happened to fall on the marijuana holiday this year- 4/20 and your newsfeed was probably full of “Happy Easter” or “Happy Holidays” or “chop chop chunk it up” and so on, depending on who you are friends with online. I don’t know why 4/20 is the holiday and there are plenty of guesses why, but every year it seems like the confirmation of where 4/20 originated from changes. One year the common answer was that it was the police code for smoking in progress, but now there are plenty of stories saying that isn’t true. The last few years it seems to be because of the “Waldos” at a high school in California that met up every day at 4:20 to get stoned. Who knows. Who cares.  4/20 is here and its not going anywhere.

drug free workplace

So what does 4/21 mean in the workplace? It probably means your pot smokers are on their very best behavior today. It absolutely doesn’t mean we come in, guns blazing and drug screen kits ready to go. If you haven’t noticed marijuana has made it into the news a lot lately, times are changing. 21 states and DC have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington are paving the way to legalized marijuana and the rest of the country is taking note. I’ve reached out to HR pros in Colorado so I can get updates on how they are handling issues, but it’s not as complicated as the rest of us states think it is. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is just a simple reminder: Before you hit the floor to drug test employees, make sure you know without a doubt that your state will recognize the day after a national smoke holiday as viable “reasonable suspicion” or for-cause testing, because chances are it does not.  Happy 4/21 everyone…

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