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All this talk about employee engagement and how can you better engage your workforce and other nonsense just makes my head hurt. I love our blogosphere and I love hearing others stories from the workplace, but for crying out loud if you want to know what your workforce wants get off your ass and go to talk to them. Don’t you dare send them a survey. “We want to know how we can better provide engagement for you, our valued employee. Please take a few minutes to complete the included survey.” Don’t guess and don’t try to interpret their actions. Just talk to them. There are several things that we can use best practices to guide us on, but for the love of Mike if your people are the difference in  your organization then aren’t you saying your people are different from the people in every other organization? Yet you are trying to treat them the same as every other organization treats them? Maybe your organizations difference isn’t your people, but how you treat your people? Chew on that.

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