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So I haven’t been loyal to the blog recently because I’m working on one of my issues… instant expression. I’m one of your typical gen y kids that loves instant gratification, instant recognition, instant feedback, etc. I have no time to waste so instant is ideal! I’m also very guilty of expressing my thoughts/feelings (good and bad) instantly. I’ve worked very hard towards delivering my disgust towards an idea in a more upbeat cheerful kind of way these days, but a girl can only be worn down so much before her instincts to be blatantly truthful take over. Turns out, staying away from the blog did nothing for keeping things in because there’s still email (and y’all know I can get myself in trouble over some emails). It’s easy for me to not a post a status after second thought or send a tweet, but that’s because hundreds of people would see it! When I evaluate if making a public status/tweet is a good idea, I usually take into consideration the ramifications of at least ten people who would see the post and then bam, just like that I know to delete what I was going to say. Email (and text) is a completely different story. An email between two people is understood to be a one on one conversation and private (but for some reason there are organizations out there reading their employees emails anyway) so it’s a lot easier to let loose some frustration in an email or text. thatsnicedearUnfortunately, that doesn’t mean its smarter than tweeting or blogging or anything else. It’s too easy for someone to forward your email, or screen shot, and pass it around to several people. It’s too easy for them to delete their part of the conversation and have your words taken out of context. It’s too easy to look like an a-hole! How can you avoid the terrible mistake that is venting out all of your frustrations in the wrong kind of way? Walk away from your electronics. When you’re mad, or disgusted, or angry, or fed up… walk way from your electronics. Maybe you go write what you wanted to say and then put it through the shredder. Maybe you call someone you trust, please make it someone you undoubtedly can trust and not a co-worker that you thought you could trust, but find out too late that you cannot. Maybe we seek guidance from someone who knows better than us millennial or another millennial  that has this figured out. If you’re one of those people who has this figured out, please do hit us up in the comments!


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