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Thinking ahead to Christmas- don’t worry I will celebrate Thanksgiving before I put my Christmas tree up -the Minyard’s are wrapping up their Christmas gift shopping. We don’t budget a lot for Christmas, because it’s just not necessary and we are carefully following a plan to get us (and keep us) debt free. That means cutting where you can and quite frankly Christmas gifts for each other and everyone else have been cut the last couple of years (we are bringing some back this year because of some extra income we hadn’t planned on having, but that is neither here nor there). So who made the list for Christmas gifts in our house? Our child and each other. Seriously, that’s it. We have several brothers, sisters, nephews, parents, and grandparents we would love to buy for, but we committed to this budget and we are staying on track. Unfortunately for my boss, that means no Christmas gift for him. Hey dude-I really like you and I am thankful to work for you-Merry Christmas? That’s all I got.  It’s easy for me to cut gift giving though because gifts is not my love language (if you are curious it is acts of service).

Adding ourselves back to the Christmas gift list this year does have me reflecting on Christmas past at work and here is what I can remember: Previously, I’ve given my employees the opportunity to each tell me how they wanted to celebrate Christmas in the office and then allow majority to rule. I’ve also done the goofy ornament swap, Christmas for the whole office, name drawing, and dirty Santa. Truth is, when I was the boss lady I didn’t doubt that I should buy my employees a Christmas gift, but never ever expected one from them. I think I communicated that to them, but I honestly cannot remember. Working in a small office made this less of a big deal, but the bigger the staff, the more consideration you need to give here. I’m curious what you all do in the office and what your role is? Are you the boss that tells your employees not to get you a gift? Do you have a set way that you do Christmas in the office that you and all of your employees enjoy? Do you know if one of your employees isn’t comfortable pitching in the $10 for a group gift because they follow a strict budget? Hit me up in the comments below… let’s talk Christmas!

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