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Ever dream of saying something so profound that you might change the world? Ever think the thought you have floating around in your head HAS to get out into cyber space as quickly as possible, before your head explodes… or worse, someone else says it before you? I mean you have it right there, the most amazing thing that anyone will ever say and it will undoubtedly convince others to change the way they think, perceive, and act? Well keep dreaming, because that is not going to happen. You can, however, DO something so profound that you might change the world, but don’t bet on just being able to push out some string of words that will change the world with no actions attached. Your actions can influence people, your words will simply fill up cyber space with another opinion until you act. This really applies to everything right? To put an HR spin on it, because this is an HR blog after all, you cannot sit in your ivory (HR) tower and tell managers to conduct themselves in this or that manner or tell employees to follow this or that policy if you don’t follow your own advice? Monkey see, monkey do-but that’s a soap box for another blog post.

What if you actually do something to change something that you don’t like? Not leave an anonymous note to Judy about how hideous her sweater is because you just don’t like it, but really do something to change something important? What if you did something to end childhood hunger in your own community? Kids are going hungry, right. now.! How selfish of us to allow kids to go hungry. In our towns. In our own communities. In our neighborhoods. Not just kids, but our future! We are allowing our future to go hungry right now! I really want you to get that- we are allowing our future to go HUNGRY!? What a simple problem to solve and every one of you reading this has an opportunity and an avenue to end that! Ever been hungry? Not the kind of “I can smell the turkey cooking, I gotta have some now!” kind of hungry. The kind of hungry where you have little to no food. The kind of hungry where you are grateful for any food you get. Ever been hungry for several days in a row? Weeks? Months? Can you imagine? I’m calling on you to help end childhood hunger and be a part of team no kid hungry!

change the world

#GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back. This year, your donation can play a huge part in making No Kid Hungry a reality. If you make a gift on Giving Tuesday, all donations will be matched up to $50,000! Go donate and then tell EVERYONE you know!


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