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I realize that you may be wondering what the hell a TK day is and how do you get it added to your work holiday rotation, or at the very least get one of your own. Well guess what? You can’t have one! There’s only one TK as far as I’m concerned and this is HER day 🙂 You can celebrate with us though, by sending a #HappyTKday tweet to the lovely TK: @TiffanyKuehl. .. go ahead, she deserves it-I PROMISE!!

Like most of my wonderful HR network I met Tiffany online before I met her in person. I am constantly in awe of the wonderful people I am able to connect to via different social media channels, but Tiffany really takes the cake. Believe it or not, I’m somewhat shy. I’m not super outgoing in a setting where I’m not there to recruit people, but that didn’t bother TK at all when I met her. She came up to me and greeted me with a hug anyway, and the rest is history. We are actually friends because she can be an adult in a social environment and form words and speak to people, even when they are as awkward as I am.


I’ll say, in my geographical location I do not get to interact with a lot of recruiters on a regular basis. Partly because we are too busy recruiting to connect with each other and partly because we are, in a lot of ways, in competition with each other. We really should hang out more since we are a smaller group-why don’t people like to recruit, by the way? So when I get to go to SHRM events where I can see some of my fellow recruiters I get super excited. Recruiters just have a different way of viewing things. We are a different type of problem solvers. We are efficient, innovative, and supportive. I think that sums up TK pretty well, and because of that I simply adore her.


I also adore her because she is always encouraging and NEVER negative! She reminds me to do my homework. She buys shoes for me when I’m too spacey to pack my own. She hangs out with me in cool places like Vegas and DC. She  makes sure we get a photo together when we are at the same event. She’s smart. She’s so smart. She is always willing to help someone else. She cares about volunteering. She cares about recruiting. She is a sweet person and most of all she is a great example. She is an example of how to be yourself and be professional. She’s an example of how to balance work, volunteering, and friendships. She is an example of a leader.

Happy Birthday Tiffany! Thank you for being so awesome!!!

my girl tk


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