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One conversation that had me second guessing what I thought I already knew.

Other recruiter: “Why do you think they call me instead of you?”

Me: I don’t know?

Other recruiter: “Really, why do you think?”

Me: You’ve worked with them longer? You know their work better than I do?

Other recruiter: “What’s the difference between you and me?”

Me: ummmmm You’ve been here longer? You’re a better recruiter?

Other recruiter: “No.What else”

Me: blank stare

Other recruiter: “You don’t think it’s because I’m a male and you’re a female?”

Me: No. I don’t.

Until that conversation that thought didn’t cross my mind. Is that why? Nah, couldn’t be. Maybe it’s because they don’t know me as well as they know him. He has more experience than I do. Before that seed was planted, I never thought that was why. Now I second guess every interaction I have and pay close attention to how I’m treated/included/acknowledged when I’m the only female in the room.

That can’t be why, can it?

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