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The blog has been quiet for a while now, even though it went through a really great makeover earlier this year (you could book your own update here: – Andrew is GREAT to work with!), but I’ve just been focused elsewhere.

During all the ups and downs of 2020, and can I just admit mostly downs, I’ve also been working with my friend Jazmine on BakedHR! We actually talked about this a couple of years ago, but finally stopped making excuses and started recording. We went through several name changes, but landed on BakedHR because, well baking… We are mostly doing this for the newbies, and for fun. We want to be totally transparent and give a real look at behind the scenes of HR… we won’t be sugar coating anything.

We thought we’d do a podcast, but agreed on a YouTube channel because so much of our communication is through facial expressions, so you’re welcome! Just kidding, you can play us in the background without watching our faces any time.

There are only two places you can find us – YouTube and Instagram. We plan to host several folks as guests to talk about their areas of expertise and/or how what we do impacts their ability to do their job well, chat about things happening in HR right now, our own HR fails, and so much more! Go subscribe to the YouTube channel and give us a follow on IG, we are looking forward to chatting with you!

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