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Last week I had an opportunity to chat with a junior recruiter about some of the roadblocks recruiters are up against in the current market. What we know is that talented candidates are getting approached often and have multiple opportunities presented to them in a short span of time so we have to find a way to stand out and move quickly.

One of the things they shared with me is that they will analyze a profile and then give themselves a reason to not send a message to that candidate, but not for lack of their skills. I think a lot of recruiters have experienced that. Maybe you think the candidate “looks happy” in their current role, maybe they work with someone who used to work for the org you’re recruiting for now and you wonder what that person may have told them about their experience, or maybe you just get a vibe that they wouldn’t be interested. I told them my secret is a little sticky note that sits in plain sight while I’m sourcing. Three words: Message them anyway.

Why would I do that? Because in my mind the worst that can happen is they ignore you. Or they might screenshot your message and share it on reddit (this is where they say there’s no such thing as bad press, lol). Maybe they write a mean response back, but if you craft a good, personalized message, those things probably won’t happen.

Go ahead and message them anyway, find out what it would take for them to consider a position with your company. Find out what is important to them in their next opportunity. You’re trying to make a good match for your hiring manager and for the candidates you work with so make that clear in your first message. Oftentimes if I message someone who is not interested in a role I’m pitching to them, they will offer to ask around their network or keep in touch for future opportunities, not berate me for wasting their time.

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