A Baked Recap

I recently shared with you all about BakedHR, a YouTube channel Jazmine Wilkes and I started. You can also catch some content on Instagram. If you’re not subscribed to our channel or following us on IG yet, I just made it real easy for you to fix that! Anyway, I wanted to pop in and […]

Why you need a smile file

I had a really crappy day. A real bummer of a day. A terrible, no-good day. Someone said some really mean things to me and had me second guessing what kind of employee/recruiter/hr professional/person I am. Lucky me I have some wonderful co-workers and friends who had encouraging words for me. A few friends reminded […]

About that apology

Growing up I wasn’t ever really forced to use my manners very often, including apologizing. My dad was dead set on teaching me to tell the truth, this was number one for him. Teaching your kid to tell the truth and then making your kid apologize for telling the truth (like when you tell the […]

Like meeting the ex-girlfriend?

Meeting the ex-girlfriend is full of awkwardness right? It’s sometimes a competition of who chose the better path. The ex-girlfriend is all “I got rid of that loser” and the new girlfriend is all like “he’s not a loser, you were the problem” or something like that. Here’s the deal though, being a grown-up affords […]

Instant expression

So I haven’t been loyal to the blog recently because I’m working on one of my issues… instant expression. I’m one of your typical gen y kids that loves instant gratification, instant recognition, instant feedback, etc. I have no time to waste so instant is ideal! I’m also very guilty of expressing my thoughts/feelings (good […]

Won’t you be my… friend?

Frequently over the last two weeks the topic of ‘HR and friends in the workplace’ has popped up in conversation. I have mixed feelings on this topic, but after the 2nd time it came up I decided to shut up and listen to what others had to say. Most professionals are feeding me a line that […]