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Recruiting & Retention Services tailored to Your Organization's Specific Goals

Recruiting and Retention go hand in hand for a competitive business strategy and we are currently in a very competitive market for talent. I help organizations identify their strengths and competitive advantage and build a recruiting strategy tailored to that while also teaching you practices to increase your retention. 

Custom HR & Recruiting Consulting for any industry type

Clients save time and resources by employing efficient hiring protocols that consider the impact every step of the process has on candidates, your employer brand, and your team executing the recruiting and hiring. In my consulting and training, I will come alongside the team to build a customized recruiting strategy from scratch or identify ways to improve your existing strategy. 



Professional Services

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What are your immediate needs and long term goals?

HRecruit has 3 packages you can choose from or we can create an hourly package that is specific to your needs and budget. 

3 months

If you already have a decent recruiting strategy in place this option might be for you!

6 months

This package is ideal for an organization that is in need of a recruiting strategy from scratch. So many of our clients who choose this option are organizations who used to have a high applicant flow and never really had to invest in their recruiting strategy before. 

12 months

This option allows you to lock in support from HRecruit for a full year. 

Do you need to fill a position immediately?

Clients have the option of retaining my services for Direct Placements.

In order to hire HRecruit for direct placement recruiting clients must be willing to complete an intake process for each position you choose to outsource with us. 

1:1 Recruiting Crash Course

This is a 1:1 coaching option with a member of your team to bring new ideas to your current recruiting strategy. 1:1 coaching will take place daily for two weeks to re-energize your recruiting efforts. 

This option is ideal for someone who needs new ideas for Recruiting or someone who is moving into a Recruiting role from a Sales or Business Development type of position. 

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Please review each option and choose a time block that suits the purpose of your meeting.