HR CONSULTING FOR improving recruiting processes


We offer in-person and virtual trainings and consulting to companies.

We'll work together to meet your organization's goals.

I've spoken to a diverse group of companies, conferences, and individuals on topics ranging from sexual harassment to fair compensation and leadership development.

Training topics include:

Recruiting Training

This is a customized training for your organization. I will evaluate your current process, what your recruiting pain points are, and what your recruiting strengths are to build a solution to get your recruiting approach on track. This training is available for HR and Recruiting teams, or specifically for managers in your organization. This can be a one time session or an ongoing training for your organization.

Sexual Harrassment Training

It can be uncomfortable to lead a conversation about sexual harassment, but ignoring the topic can create a bigger problem. Sometimes it helps to bring an outsider in to facilitate this highly sensitive topic. In this half day session we cover multiple, real work place scenarios, to fully illustrate the do’s and don’ts for your workforce. This is an interactive session that is intentionally designed to spark thoughtful conversation so your employees have more than just a policy level understanding of sexual harassment

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