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October 19, 2021

What Should Stay and What Should Go?

A challenge to the recruiting world while we continue to navigate a difficult hiring climate in an ongoing pandemic is a fight to return to normalcy. This is seeping through in reverting to previous ways we have sourced and hired candidates, but we need to take thorough inventory of our tactics and which activities make us “feel productive” and which activities are actually producing quality results. This 50-minute session takes a walk-through common recruiting related activities to shine some light on what we need to let go of and how to embrace new tactics in this candidate driven market. We will also touch on how to adapt to fully digital recruiting methods as we continue to pause in-person recruiting events.

This was born out of common questions from clients and peers who are eager to solve their recruiting challenges, but feel stuck in a sense while they try to re-prioritize their recruiting related activities in such a fast paced and chaotic candidate market. Some of the tips that this session covers are really simple examples of making sure you’re measuring the right things all the way up to rebuilding a candidate experience without the in person interaction we used to rely on.